Inspired by the fabrication processes by which everyday functional items are made, I make sculptural objects. My sculptures borrow the beauty and forms of the functional and abstract or morph them into new forms which allow for a new way of looking at the everyday objects that surround us.

The functional objects that surround us daily are an integral part of our lives, therefore it is important to question these; What are they for? What purpose do they serve? What are their consequences in usage? Why do we rely so much on them?

As an artist for me the most important part is the making. Constantly questioning how things are made is the starting point for my artistic process. I need to learn how everything is made, I am continually looking for how things are made. With this knowledge I learn everyday from looking at craftsmen I try to create art.

These objects I make are part of my own internal imaginary world existing with its own rules of meanings and logics.